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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Archaeoastronomy II

Three years ago I asked if we could track solar-flares like we track eclipses and eruptions.

Wa-hey! I found some stuff. First here are some "red glows" under Islam from the AD 820s on: Basurah 2006. Then we have the AD 822 to 1021 measurements: Fusa Miyake 2013. Note the correlation between the 19 March 991 – 7 March 992 aurora and the 992-3* carbon spike.

*The "correction" pushes AD 992 to 993 further to 993 to 994. I would lodge a doubt at that correction. Personally.

Anyway, this is all wayyy after what I really want, which is the rainbow of the AD 670s. But then, aurorae tend to the red at the 30s latitudes anyway. They're not rainbows that far down. So the rainbow is likely something else.

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