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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Upload #96: Resurrect

A long time ago, I had a sloppy essay up here called "Sura of Mecca". As often with the sloppier essays, they make better fodder for books; and in this case, most of its material entered House of War. The one part that didn't, was a discussion of whether the Zubayrids had altered the Book of God. I had found one hadith which had laid out that particular claim: Alphonse Mingana, An Ancient Syriac Translation of the Kur’an Exhibiting New Verses and Variants, John Rylands Library Bulletin (Manchester: 1925), v. 9, 188-235; 203. But I had failed to find any others. And so I just killed that discussion for the purpose of this book. Here is the remnant of that chapter (House of War, 94 in the current edition):

When the Umayyads re-entered the Hijaz, they had cause to doubt the integrity of the text he found in its Zubayrite strongholds. Among the surviving Zubayrites were ʿAbd Allâh bin ʿUmar (d. 73 / 693) and his household. One freedman of his, Nâfiʿ (d. 117 / 735), let slip that al-Ḥajjâj had claimed in a sermon, “Ibn al-Zubayr has changed the Book of God”. [footnote - Mingana]

Over the past week, I have now found a different hadith, which is in parallel to an infamous hadith of Ibn Umar: Let none of you say, I have got the whole of the Qur’ân. I just realised last night that these two hadiths together agree wit' the hadith I'd deleted - and that one of them has the same isnad. That is, it came from the exact same guys.

The resultant essay "Inwardly Uncollected" would probably go better in The Arabs and Their Qur'an. Still. It's here; it offers more evidence for resistance to the Umayyad codex; I am glad all my work on this is not permanently deleted.

"Ekdikos" has also taken on some tweaks.


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