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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Those 1990s plantation metaphors again

Those stupid 1990s-era "liberal plantation" tropes just cost someone his job.

Despite what I think of those metaphors - which metaphors, I'll say once more, are stupid - it was obvious what Nevada Assemblyman Walter White Ira Hansen meant. He was putting himself in the shoes of a cynical liberal leftist. Hansen was not stating his own opinions on The Negro (his term).

And we're not having that public debate on how appropriate such metaphors are. Instead the NAACP made a power-play. It was enough to associate Hansen with the phrase simple minded darkies - not just from two decades ago but also, as aforenoted, out of context.

Those Republicans who coveted Hansen's authority (the governor) and his job (everyone else in the Assembly) naturally stood by him and explained to the media how to read a clearly-stated comment BAHAHAAHHAAH! Nah. The other Nevada Republicans were publicly even more offended on the Black Man's behalf. Hansen could perhaps have said, that back in the 1990s such comments were de rigueur like "soft bigotry of low expectations", and that he's mostly sorry just for falling into lazy cliche; and anyway that those comments're less offensive than, say, slanders against neighbourhood-watch and law-enforcement, and much less so than threats of riot and votes for Obama. Hansen also should have demanded the GOP hold a vote on his leadership, with the comment that if he WAS voted out he'd re-register under the Constitution Party label.

Instead the Nevada GOP can look forward to constant probes into who Hansen's allies are, "troubling racial comments", and on and on. As for the governor Sandoval - yeah, screw him. If he wants a Senate seat, as signs point, then I hope Hansen challenges him in the primary. Better yet the general.

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