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Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks for telling us

It's been simmering for awhile at Ace's HQ, but now GRUBER-GATE HITS COLORADO (and Instapundit).

We in Colorado weren't told. The whistleblower, Weinstein, tried for months to get this into the media but failed. He tried to get this into the Right media and failed. Personally, I think that revelations about Gruber and his bilking of Colorado taxpayers would have got Beauprez elected as governor in Colorado. And I've been saying for months here, that the governorships are a greater prize than is the fonybalony Senate.

You know whom this silence benefited? Mitt Romney.

At the time Romney was stumping for GOPe candidates like Roberts in KS. Romney of course had run Massachusetts as the test-bed for Gruber's analyses. If Romney had been tainted it would have made Roberts look bad; it would potentially even have cost Mitch McConnell his fonybalony job.

So the East Coast media scotched the story. They only let the story out now.

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