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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pro-choice means Medea

In the Hellenic legendarium, Medea was the wife or concubine of the hero or pirate Jason. ("Hero" and "pirate" are both Greek words in origin; in the legends, I've never been able to tell them apart. As for "wife" and "concubine", there the legends make a distinction; they're just not clear about Madea's status.) Jason, being the cad he was, betrayed Medea and so Medea cooked up the children they'd had together. Om nom nom.

Medea believed that the woman holds an inherent sovereignty over what she has conceived; trumping whatever the biological father holds. As part of that, she believed that it is up to the sovereign when to enforce that right.

I'll say this for the Colchian Bride. She had the courage of her convixions.

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