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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh, it's THIS thread again

Butts have been hurt over the casting for the new Moses movie.

This movie deals with the Nineteenth Dynasty. Their origins were in Lower Egypt which is the Nile's northern delta.

At the time we're looking at, the Delta Egyptians were a mongrel bunch mostly old Coptic and Phoenician, with a bit of Hurrian "Horite" thrown in (thanks to the Hyksos). If you wanted people with more of a tan you traveled up river to where the Eighteenth Dynasty came from. If you wanted actual Nubians you went to, duh, Nubia (also called Kush) - that is, to the Sudan.

Some of the family were perhaps viceroys in Kush at some point. But that doesn't mean they married any locals and brought the kids home - some mention would have been made, as had been made of the Hittite and Semite brides other kings carried home.

In short, the Ramessides looked more like me than like your average Afrocentric professor today.

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