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Thursday, November 20, 2014

L'affaire(s) Cosby

I'm aware that this is a monumental SQUIRREL, but a halfassed story serves well for a halfassed post on this halfassed blog, so why not. Ahem. Bill Cosby.

Like every other child living in America in the early-to-mid-1980s, I grew up on Cosby - first through the Cosby Kids and Electric Company, then through the Thursday night ritual which was The Cosby Show. (By 1987 I'd pretty much stopped watching TV, for other reasons.) Cosby was, like Winfrey, a Great Black Hope for integrationists and liberal-to-moderate-conservative whites. He wasn't only that of course; he was genuinely funny and seemed like a wholesome guy.

Cosby's recent politics have made me wonder. Cosby is fully on the narrative of "voter suppression"; he was also uncoincidentally an Obama supporter (like Winfrey).

Now we know that the man was a phony all along. I'm not going to entertain the worst of the charges; partly, I don't want to be sued, but mainly I personally don't like charges that get raised decades after the fact. What we do know is that Cosby effectively pled the Fifth on air. This means Cosby wasn't confident enough in his innocence to go down the alphabet and end up "I never saw X, never touched Y and Z was consensual". That means the Cos was, at the least, a dawg. By that I mean, a cad.

And since the Cos has, in recent years, made a BIG DEAL about how other blacks shouldn't be dawgs - the Cos is a dirty dawg. I'd actually wondered why other blacks hate his guts; now I suspect they'd heard stuff that hadn't percolated out of the black rumour-mill.

EPILOGUE: I have to circle back to that earlier paragraph, on the allegations; I think I do have to address them, a small bit. I'll be very careful here because, again, lawyers: cads by nature sleep around a lot. "A lot" means, numbers. The thing with quantity is that, then, statistics come into play. Some of those encounters are likely to be what the woman will remember as - again, at the least - "a lousy lay", maybe not entirely what the woman wanted. And Hollywood being what it is, it'll be interesting to see how old (or not) some of these women were.

UPDATE 11/22: Well THAT didn't take long. [h/t Octopus @ Daedalus.]

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