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Thursday, November 06, 2014

How voting may not matter here

I am fully aware that elections are a Slaves' Suggestion Box, but I lodged my suggestions anyway.

I did, in fact, vote for Gardner in the end. I felt like I'd debased myself, somehow. I voted for several other candidates, many of which weren't even contested by Republicans (I did the Libertarian there, if I could). I also shut down all the amendments (personhood included) except for the anti-union amendment.

Here is an interesting statistic: Leing and Beauprez each lost by almost the same margin: 40,000. I do believe that those votes were cooked up in Boulder. So, to sum up, I'll still follow the laws of our new appointed baron Hickenlooper but he shouldn't expect me to treat him politely if I should run across him. He has my fear and he has my obedience. He does not have my respect.

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