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Monday, November 10, 2014

How to avoid getting censored - don't sign up on censored platforms

Truthy reports conservative accounts. Twitter bans the conservatives. The GOP is outraged, sorta. (Deep down the Republicans're a vain lot, and are pissed less on principle - they were AWOL on the IRS targetting Tea-Party groups - and more on the notion that mainstream GOP voices got censored. And Twitter are just staffed by cowards. Side issues though.)

The [x] Hat offers a way out:

Twitter consoring incorrect views?
This is the problem with reducing your entire online impact to a few closed and privately held platforms that could censor you and thus separate you from others.
I know people who only use Facebook and don't even use e-mail anymore.
This is why we should support platforms with open standards that anyone could use.
I may be a heavy twitter user, but I don't limit myself to that and prefer stuff like the HQ or other blog platforms that can be independently hostted, or e-mail, or IRC, &c.

Vox Day offers a counter-opinion: that Truthy's ban campaign means that Twitter works, and that the answer to a Truthy-like ban campaign is to band together and fight.

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