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Monday, November 10, 2014

Glenn Reynolds gets silly

Six bills. Most of them are stupid.

Three of those six - a full half - deal with liberalising booze, drugs and sex. I don't think making these more available to under-21s (well, maybe booze, if the kids don't drive) will help our mental-health or STD problems very much. Also, getting in front of these won't help the GOP with the youth vote - the activists will just move on to something else. What exactly happened to the electorate after the Republicans got in front of "civil rights"?

We are sort-of agreed on DMCA and very much agreed on copyright law; we are also agreed that public employees shouldn't unionise. But at the end, there's that surtax on ex-politicians who become lobbyists. Hmm. Seems that might encourage the politicos to defect to Russia and to take THEIR money.

Anyway, if I were advising the GOP, which I am not, I would suggest they propose an amendment restricting the Commerce Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment - a "neo-Tenth Amendment" if you will. Then those libertarian bills which Reynolds proposes will go back to the states because they have to go back to the states.

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