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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vanity press: worst of both worlds

With traditional publishers, you don't lose money but when the money does come in, you see little of it. With Createspace, you lose money in getting the proof sent to you... but that's pretty much it (and it's the best petty-cash money an author can spend). Createspace's vig is much less. It's not zero (I don't like that they charge me eight bucks to cut a cheque, especially) but it's MOSTLY a legitimate cost of business.

Vanity press, like Author Solutions, is the worst of both worlds. The press keeps a larger vig; and it charges you for author-services. Createspace offer that last bit, too, and it's not good; but CS doesn't force you into that rathole.

As for David Gaughran himself, I gotta say, his blog reflects an annoying beta whiteboy twerp (yay diversity!). But on the case of the vanity press scam(s), I can't argue with him. And the traditional publishers' recent move toward that market doesn't make me feel more inclined toward those publishers.

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