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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Throne of Glass, week one

Last week I've been laying down the most basic "marketing" stuff: namely, mentioning that this Throne of Glass even exists. Since no-one (as in, zero people) bought it that week, it hasn't shown itself in most Amazon lookups. This false start was good news in one respect: it has given breathing-room toward fixing my own references to my own work. The profile and my google website all, now, refer to it. And Ace's book thread knows about it too (not a review, just a plug).

One embarrassment was when my mom looked up the book on Amazon and called bullshit on its blurb. Ayy lmao. So, I had to fix the CreateSpace description, and since the same stupid blurb was on the cover I had to yank everything. While I was at it, I took the opportunity to scatter some (very) minor proofreading fixes around the main text. Anyway. Since nobody had bought the book last week, the new PDF is not a "second edition" but really just a patchup of the first. Not sure when the new blurb makes it to Amazon but at least the book itself won't have that problem.

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