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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Michigan rag

I believe I just got a negative pushpoll from 586-200-0157. That Michigan number called me around 7-7:30 pm tonight, and last Thursday too (twice). And I got another Michigan phonecall at 9:20 AM on 16 October (different areacode). This was just the first time I've answered it.

They're asking about various candidates on the ballot plus Obama. They first make sure I'm not in the media... which is kinda true, in the same way I'm not a published author. Anyway I answered mostly honestly - until I got to the points where they were asking about pro-choice, "so it's a woman's choice" or the other option, "make abortion illegal". Then they moved on to how Gardner was going to take away MUH STUDENT LOANZ. Which I'd just seen playing on TV during the NFL game(s).

At that point I cut the conversation off. I was polite to the "pollster" herself. Possibly more polite than I should have been. But hey, since they called from Michigan, technically they didn't break any Colorado state political-contribution laws. I'm sure Udall's got some loopholes for that too, though.

Michigan is union land, I hear. I wonder what sort of harassment I can expect next from Udall and his allied thugs. . .

Anyway, congratulations Udall. You've convinced me to vote for a guy who sucks and whom I'm always blasting in this blog, Mr Gardner, just because he's not you.

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