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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My life with Microsoft display fonts

The Arabs and Their Qur'an had a Papyrus ampersand. House of War went full Viner Hand. Throne of Glass has taken the middle path of relegating the Microsoft to the subtitle - Algerian, this time. Also along the binding at the side; that's Viner again.

What the three fonts have in common: font experts hate them. All of them.

Ah well. I'd argue the case for Algerian, more so for Viner Hand; although, yeah, I can't defend Papyrus. Also it was that or waste more time hunting for fonts, or for a pro graphic designer.

UPDATE 5/9/2015: Throne of Glass 2e will have a Microsoft font (I forget which, but it's cursive) only for the word "of".

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