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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Learning to youtube

My first attempt at lecturing at a videocamera: Intertextuality in the Qur’ân. Here's the summary:

This lecture explains how a study of intertextuality in the Qur'an may help us understand the Qur'an. Its core is a summary of and extrapolation from E E Elder, "Parallel Passages in the Qur'an (the Moses story)", in The Moslem World (1925). Elder had proven that sura 28 used both suras 20 and 27 for its Moses story.

It further argues that sura 28 could only have done that if its author believed that its sources were lacking. It is here shown what Elder did not know, that many early Muslims especially in al-Kûfa *did* object to suras 20 and 27. Sura 28, then, is their replacement; and it was not composed by the same person(s) as composed those earlier two.

(This is what I was trying to do earlier on this desktop. I gave up and did all the editing on the laptop instead.)

As for Throne of Glass: I got the proof-copy from the printer yesterday, and have been marking up various passages in it. Progress is being made. This video I have posted is (subtly) a teaser for that, and for the essays of The Arabs and Their Qur'an.

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