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Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's happening

Throne of Glass is back in process. It's at 128 pages of main text. If it's still printable it'll be available for purchase tomorrow.

UPDATE 10/20/2014 1 AM: Oh yeah. Before it's actually purchasable on Amazon, here's the CreateSpace link.

House of War reached 127 pages only in its "2.1" version, May 2013 - which is the version which got reviewed. I don't feel so bad, now, that Throne of Glass has taken me 19 months (March 2013 - October 2014). That's almost as much time as the first one really took (January 2012 - May 2013). Really what I should be regretting is that I'd rushed out those too-early version-one's of that first one.

Some may worry that this new book isn't quite done either. To answer that concern, my experience with the first one had taught me to take more care with the manuscripts. So I don't anticipate such a scramble to fix bugs this time 'round.

I'll certainly consider what further reviewers think of, well, all of it. Also, I have in mind one further project: I've dribbled out so many miscellaneous essays on my site that it's becoming worth my while to do a followup to The Arabs and Their Qur'an. It would be after that, that I'd consider going through all of these books to correct whatever errors linger there, and by the way to update the cross-referencing links. But there shouldn't be any face-palm moments like, oh, attributing sura 37 to the rebels or reading "Yemen" into Q. 28:44-46. The first edition is complete enough.

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