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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Driver woes

Since I bought the desktop for this house, an HP Pavilion with AMD Radeon HD 6450 around October 2011 ish, I've always had problems with the graphics card crapping out on me. Even the mail program would freeze up.

All the Windows Updates in the world wouldn't fix it. HP Pavilion quit keeping up to speed at the end of 2012: 8.892 is as far as they'll go with AMD. The AMD Catalyst updates got me to version 8.960 (and Catalyst 13.1); but their support pages won't handle AMD Radeon HD 6450 anymore either. I *did* manage to get at least the mail program working... last year... when I bought a controller for a new monitor.

It turns out my BIOS was from July of 2011, AMI version 7.11. HP got me to version 7.16.

For AMD, although you can't drop down into 6450 anymore, it does let you download an AMD autodetector. This got me to 14.301. I think.

Will reboot now.

UPDATE 1 PM: Well, now the whole Catalyst centre host, CCC.exe, is foxxered. And this turd of a system STILL craps out.

UPDATE 11 PM: How to clean boot. That fixed at least CCC.exe.... until I got into and out of the Catalyst centre again. Not sure which crapware, exactly, blowed up da owl. Maybe all of it.

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