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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Charles Clymer argues that the focus shouldn't be on Julia Pierson.

I would agree that there are plenty of people down that chain-of-command who should be punished just as hard as Pierson. However, what I didn't understand was the feminist angle - I mean, if a woman in authority screws up, she should get rapped just like if it was a man. Even the womenfolk aren't rallying around Pierson. Those Womenfolk who like Obama and (for whatever reason) Reid, and who worry about Right Wing Extremism - which does exist - have especially good reason to desire competent SS protection - which protection, Pierson has demonstrably not provided.

But then I read... Charles Clymer's website.

I am going to say the following as nicely and delicately as I can. I don't think that Clymer's focus should be on female empowerment right-or-wrong. In fact I suggest he avoid politics entirely for a few months. I think that his talents, which he does have, would be best employed in a less partisan matrix.

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