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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Hanbali fatwa

Because I've been watching out for it, and because I use Yahoo... the CAIR wing of Islam has issued a fatwa. Sort of. (h/t, Jihadwatch. Yahoo threw me at the HuffPo, which didn't link it.)

No such fatwa was needed by Iran, nor by Oman; because the Shia and Muhakkima sects are simply not the same Islam as that to which the caliph appeals. Even the Hanafis in Iraq would feel no kinship with this movement. What was needed was a fatwa from Baghdadi's original madhhab; from the Hanbalites.

Individual Muslims have issued their own fatawa over the last few weeks, but CAIR's letter is the one that matters for the Dearborn crew here. (Although it won't have as much effect on the Somalis in Saint Paul.)

A quick look at Spencer's site and I see that he's not impressed. For one thing he points out that it is itself not a fatwa in the Islamic sense. It is an opinion by secular leaders and scholars.

However, even if it is not a religious edict itself, it makes its argument from a very learned Islamic standpoint - and plenty of bigwigs have signed it. (I'm calling it "CAIR" in the headers as shorthand, on the - true - assumption that CAIR is the Hanbali wing in the Anglosphere.) Sunni aimmat would have to take this seriously, and to accept or to reject it. Many of these have already endorsed it - which makes it a fatwa for their own congregations. And I don't think many aimmat can reject it easily.

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