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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So what about the pagan features of Islam?

The Black Stone isn't noted in the Qur'an. If it's even alluded to, it's with hostile intent: sura 41. Mecca is alluded to... again, vaguely... in suras 14 and 22. Very few scholars think anything much happened in Mecca until the Zubayrids. Sura 53 could be authentic but either way is interpolated; even the Hadith lets slip that it has changed here and there - this is the locus of the Satanic Verses. The Satanic Verses by the way were themselves an interpolation, according to the Hadith. The internal evidence of that sura points that way too.

So we don't have the Black Stone, Mecca, or any of the pagan stuff in the sira; and the Qur'an doesn't help us here either. But we do still have evidence for pagan Arab goddesses! They're on the other side of Arabia, in the Lakhmids' Hira (now, al-Kufa), but, that all counts, right?

I suppose this is me plugging those two books again...

But self-promoting spam aside: the pagan features mainly came into Islam after the fact. Specifically, they came after the qur'an genre became canonical, which process bumbled along for several decades after the Prophet. The final canon of the Qur'an and of Islam is a later and beside-the-point development. At the iman's core, is Judaism and Christianity.

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