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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Khurasans... whu?

Obama bombed some depots and oil-rigs recently. These were held by the caliph and by various amirs. (So they would probably count as in the teens or at least low-twenties of "sites holiest in Islam". ... okay. Sorry. Low blow. And digression.) Among the targets were ISIS, which we know about; and "the Khurasans", which we don't.

I kind of get the apocalyptic Islamic nuances of Khurasan. Black banners from the east and all that. But... what has Khurasan to do with Syria?

I should have smelled bullshit. Zerohedge calls bullshit on Khurasan.

UPDATE 9/27/2014: Andrew McCarthy - the Blind Shaykh prosecutor - agrees there is no such thing. But in all his tl;dr he doesn't tell us on what basis he derives that, besides "because blind shaykh". (I suspect Zerohedge taken without attribution, perhaps indirectly via some other evilblog he refuses to credit.)

Meh. National Review's not been useful for quite some time and, since Derb, I suspect the integrity of everyone left. By contrast, here's one who did some original reporting, post-McCarthy, and acknowledged the inspiration ... and some real sources: Cultural Jihad. (h/t Google and

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