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Friday, September 05, 2014

It's getting worse

Middle-East scholars call for boycott of Israel. It's not just Esposito, Dabashi and Rashad Khalidi.

Also on the list are Wael Hallaq and Fred Donner.

[UPDATE 8 PM] So... if, perchance, I might have purchased Narratives of Islamic Origins or Islamic Legal Theories, and happen to be a Zionist with relatives who live there... are Hallaq and Donner boycotting me? More to the point are they boycotting the money I spent on those two (nearly useless) books? I also bought Muhammad and the Believers and The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law, which I found to be a lot better but - hey. Whilst we are at it we can throw in the Dabashi edition of Stern's Muslim Studies, assuming he got royalties.

I take it the undersigned will not be so quick to boycott my filthy Joo money.

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