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Sunday, September 21, 2014

House of War II

Today I have sent out a grovel at the "morons" on Ace's mailing-list. Now I'll reprint the gist of it here...

One of the first essays I ever posted on my old SBCGLOBAL site (which is now the "Islam" google-sites thingy on the sidebar) was a horrible monster called "Explications of sura 27 and sura 28". It was garbled, tangled, and I could never get it to cohere. Around 2012 I started wondering if it should be a book instead. In March 2013, being out of work at the time, I experimented with making it a book, and I brought in a bunch of other essays to bulk it up: some already posted, others not. That "book" ended up being 37 pages long. Ugh.

But then the project grew, and it got more organised. And now it's at 118 pages if we count the pretty-pictures and the endnotes. And if I do say so myself I think it's good, at least my daddy likes it. Lengthwise, the draft of the new one is where House of War was at until September 2012 - meaning, this is where House's "Edition Zero" was at. All this means that I've finished the draft. The working title is Throne of Glass.

So, here's the grovel. I advertised that first book House of War (and the collection that went with it) in only three places: here, Ace, and Blogmocracy. No reader of any of these sites gave me feedback. To be fair... I didn't much seek feedback, except here; I didn't feel like that work was finished. And I was right - it had serious flaws, until the second edition (the one Ulrich reviewed); and it dragged along with it some stupidities, like the endnote numeration fail, which hung on 'til the third edition (the third plus, at that).

Anyway I'm seeking that feedback on Book One, "Apple III Plus", right here and now. Anything concerning that old one would help in tuning my writing-style for this new one. Or just in collecting questions that seemed obvious to me but not to actual, you know, non-obsessive weirdos.

Lastly, more reviews on Amazon (that didn't just say "5/5 awsome!" or "1/5 u sukk") wouldn't hurt.

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