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Sunday, September 21, 2014

God's power

Atheism thread at Ace, WeirdDave presiding.

As background, there are plenty of secularists at Ace's HQ: including the host who presides over the presiders. But since the HQ is Rightist, it has religious people in it. Ace is also rightist enough to see where Leftists have cooked up their own Jewish-Christian (in morality) religion... which can't stand up against Islam, to mention just one place it fails at.

The problem I've had with Christians in general goes back to 1987; I've posted it here already, and won't repeat it.(Feel free to search the archive.) The problem I've had with Christianity isn't so much a problem with Christianity - there are many flavours - but with the Islamicising trend, if we can call it that. Basically it's the problem I'm having with Soona's comments, starting here: Either God is everything or he is nothing. (His crude attempt to excommunicate Optimizer later on follows on that.) It's the problem of fatalism.

Islam has taken this notion of God's supreme will to heart. Allah acts in history, with colossal power; and He establishes everything by His will. Where He said "the heavens are not supported by visible pillars", this is to be construed not as an endorsement of Newton but as the acceptance of Allah-Atlas. If there are laws to the universe, the laws are an illusion which Allah permits to be believed. Inasmuch as rejectors of God believe these laws, they are in for a rude awakening when Allah rewrites the Book. In fact He won't have to. He'll just quit writing the Book He's been writing.

Catholics wouldn't agree with the above para, and neither would most Protestants; I've had interactions with both. But Christianity cannot reject philosophical Algazels. And if you look at the thread, you'll see that no Christian commenter has disputed Soona.

To be as charitable to that strain of Christianity as I can be, they want a god with Christian love but Islamic reach. Can they get it?

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