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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Friends don't let friends use Twitter

I know I know, I know I knowwww... cliché.

But really, The Tweet is not such a medium as can lead to considered and rational thought. I mean for the sake of Allah even a blog forces some degree of editorial consideration, and if something comes up that induces a re-consideration then any decent blog portal will let you fix the original post. Twitter enforces a 140 character limit and this not even counting the fuckin' #hashtags.

The Tweet format leads to ape-hooting, is what I am saying. I mean, take this nonsense, No lady protagonists. Never mind this 31-page list, from Ms. Pac-Man to Mara Jade. Or, Christian[s']... wholly imagined persecution. Never mind that observant Christianity cannot actually be observed in several states. (This before we even get into this shit. And, by the way, I'll leave it to the reader to decide on how "Christian" my blog has been.)

Humans are animals. They react to stimuli. The short-term "fix" is pretty sweet in the short term - you got an upding, you got a retweet, OMG OMG YOU GOT A RESPONSE!! Someone interested in that, will naturally post the most pithy and humourous Tweet s/he can think up - even if it's not fair, or even true. This is what Twitter rewards.

Twitter makes you a worse person.

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