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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Earlier we saw how people are foisting Islam on the pagans. Commenter "despair" tells us why:

So God says to Mohammed, "Ya know that deal about a Covenant with My People? And that thing about sending My only begotten son to be incarnated as Man to redeem you all? And about being good stewards of the Earth?"

"Yeah. I changed My mind. Fuck that. Kill the Jews. Kill the Christians. Kill anyone who annoys you. Kill everything that moves. Fuck the animals - literally! Enslave and mutilate women. No music, no art, no literature, no science. Wreak destruction everywhere in My name until everyone submits to Me, with you as my representative on Earth."

Yup. Same God. No doubt. /sarc

We'll accept that this assessment of Islam is correct, when the Book of God and the Sunna of His Prophet are taken to their logical conclusion. For the sake of argument.

One could ALSO note this is the same god who commanded death to Amaleq, ordered Joshua upon a rampage, and deliberately forced belief in (questionable) assertions as the key to the Kingdom.

Christians and Jews are disclaiming paternity of their bastard child. This doesn't change the child's DNA one bit.

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