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Monday, September 22, 2014


The announcement was made yesterday. It has a cover, now (and with artwork not entirely stolen this time); the internal content is done; I've pulled down several related essays. When can you expect Throne of Glass?

Looking at the 2012 archive's mentions of House of War, I'd announced that book's construction in February. The product came out in ... July. (Not counting the later editions.)

I'm more ahead of the game now than I was two years back. Right now, I have to finalise the draft and then go through the "Boring Crap" checklist - you know, going through the xrefs so that the index doesn't suck, stuff like that. And I still want my brother's feedback on the content.

After all that I have two options. One is to post the thing to CreateSpace again, and to get the proof mailed hither; I'd do that by the cheapest, slowest route possible so's I can keep gathering data. That would get it posted soonest.

The other option is to hit up a second-party publisher. It would have to be "indie"; bigger publishers won't touch this niche market, and the academic press won't accept material from outside the guild (we're not talking about individual scholars here, we're talking publishers). Among the options, I can think offhand of ISI, New English Review Press, and Prometheus. NERP would be the easiest "in", based on that they publish Emmet Scott's (very flawed) stuff; but that's the reason I don't want 'em - they're too easy. Anyway I've already burnt that bridge.

As of now I think I'm keeping to self-publishing. I haven't (yet) seen much interest from the scholarly sector in what I do. I've reached out to two; gotten reached out to, by one (and I offended that one, I fear). And I've had no real university-level contact outside this little side of nowhere since mid 2012.

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