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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Charter schools will save our children, II

Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, California, pulled all Christian books. h/t, 8chan /pol/, the real /pol/.

As the /pol/tards are noting, it is likely that the Qur'an and Martin Luther King are still on the shelf; in fact, I would bet that CS Lewis is still on the shelf. But... we have this:

We do not purchase sectarian educational materials and do not allow sectarian materials on our state-authorized lending shelves ... We are a public school, and as such, we are barred by law from purchasing sectarian curriculum materials with state funds. We only keep on our shelves the books that we are authorized to purchase with public funds.

This means that the school is invoking State power to censor stuff it doesn't like. CS Lewis will be viewed as historically significant until he's not.

For a previous example of charter schools being wonderful liberators of our children from failing ideologically-driven public schools, go here.

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