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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ben Garrison's butt is hurt

I am trying to gin up some sympathy here.

To sum up: I have recently been made aware of an artist and cartoonist, with some talent in the former and rather less in the latter, by name of Ben Garrison. He was trundling along nicely as a cartoonist for awhile and then, at some point during Obama's first administration, the man snapped and became a paranoiac. He authored a bunch of strange cartoons involving Ron Paul and the Federal Reserve. These cartoons also featured too many labels; a stylistic Fail - see Herblock, and the Onion's parodist. Where this oversupply of detail is not "meta", it is done by deeply insecure people.

Back to Dah Fed and such: the "paranoid style" lends itself, historically, to antisemitism and so when the trolls of 4chan got wind of these cartoons they ran with it. If you image-search Garrison's cartoons you will get an eyeful of awful. What's most interesting is how easily Garrison's villains can be swapped out for Joo caricatures. Few of the altered images cause damage to the original; we are still dealing with the same theme, over and again, of sinister outside forces crushing the hapless citizen. Garrison is not always to blame (we're not talking about stuff on which someone just pasted his sig)... except where he is.

Which means: the altered images are, themselves, parody.

Garrison counts himself a staunch libertarian. In keeping with his ethics, Garrison posted a disclaimer on his websites, just to clarify that his real work isn't to be confused with the parodies. In it he calmly acknowledged how certain weirdos had gotten into libertarianism and into the anti-bank movement, and he constructed from that a passionate disassociation of his views from such toxins. And then he looked back at the stuff he'd done and made sure to dial it all back a notch in future.

BAHAHAH! Boy, I sure had you going. No. Garrison shacked up with the Online Hate Prevention Institute (who also support censorship of "Islamophobia"). He's done his best to rat out the offenders to get them banned and to get their parodies taken down.

UPDATE 12/28: Zyklon Ben's butt is VERY hurt.

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