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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Fred Donner's Muhammad and the Believers's thesis is that the Prophet’s movement concerned militant piety. Here, the Prophet gathered together a movement of everybody in the Near East who was just plain tired of the Byzantines and Sasanians. So if you were a Jew or Samaritan (still a going concern back then) and could stomach another Prophet -- you’re in. If you were a Christian and you didn’t like the Greeks much -- also, you’re in. Nestorian? Manichaean? Mandaean? Come on down!

Is this thesis plausible? Perhaps; not terribly falsifiable as yet, but plausible. But do we trust Donner to make the argument? Donner is pro-Palestinian to the expense of others.

Something Else Is At Work - and it's not scholarship. Donner wants us to think that there exists a “real Islam”, back there, somewhere, that would be worthwhile for Westerners to follow; or at least to accept as the baseline Islam, before we look at what Islam actually does to its minorities. This Western-concocted ultra-pious trans-religious Islam is, by chance, the same liberal Islam which Greenfield has marked out.

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