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Monday, September 08, 2014

Annual Ibn Warraq

Amazon tells me they have shipped Christmas in the Koran. (I owe the information that it was out there, ultimately, to Ulrich whose review I have linked.)

Ulrich advises that the book includes Aramaisms in the Quran and Their Significance ... which I had already downloaded last July. (Sigh. Ibn Warraq really should consider the effect this bloat has on his output.) Beyond that, Ulrich suggests additional material: Donner, Quranic Furqan and Dye, Traces of Bilingualism/Multilingualism in Qur'anic Arabic (I already had these too) - and Daniel King, A CHRISTIAN QUR’ĀN? (PDF) (which I didn't). Whether you've read them all or not, we owe Ulrich much thanks for bringing them all to one place. And we can thank Ibn Warraq too for not stuffing his pages even further.

On to King, whose work is (I think) the most important here - he gives us a 2009 review of Luxenberg's Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran, in its 2007 translation/edition of, itself, the second German edition. This review has the merit of looking into that Syro-Aramaic side of things, where other reviewers had up to then stuck with the Arabic. I am promised that the core of "Christmas in the Koran" is Luxenberg re-organising and improving more of his material. I've had mixed opinions of Luxenberg as a whole; I wasn't keen on his essays in that first Inarah volume but he did better in the second. King's essay should keep me out of mischief anyway.

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