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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why the Islamic State kills minorities

A few weeks back, Vox Day pointed out that diaspora Judaism and the Zionist nation of Israel - though not the same - have been acting in concert. This has led certain Europeans, and certain other Near Easterners living in Europe, to assume that the one is an agent for the other. As example, we might look to Jews in Sweden who fly Israeli flags in their neighbourhoods and, oh my, look at the reaction they get.

I am compromised mine own self. I am not just part-Jewish but part-Israeli, and staunchly Zionist. This is why I hadn't posted about this earlier - despite that the logic is inexorable, that Zionist Jews living abroad have dual loyalties. I admit it; it's all true, and certainly true in my case. But since it's so personal, I wouldn't have been able to post anything coherent on the topic until I'd calmed down some.

Back to Vox, and to the topic: he subsequently went into even darker territory, culminating in this epic on how come Jews have been booted out of so many countries over their history. I might have an idea about that - which follows on why Baghdadi's caliphate has behaved as brutally toward their minorities as they have.

The caliphate understands what the Young Turks understood: that minorities are okay when they know their place, but that minorities are always on the lookout to improve their own position. Where there is a foreign government on the prowl, the foreigners can easily make a separate bargain with the local minorities. Christian nations like Russia and, before them, the Byzantines have historically appealed to local Christians: back then, they reached out to Melkites and Maronites, and in the 1800s to Orthodox Armenians and Syrians. Under Clinton, the US took the side of the Bosniaks and then of the Albanians. Obama is a gnostic and a follower of Alinsky the Luciferian. Vox would probably say that Jews have set half a foot in the Islamic camp historically, as with Andalusia, and he'd be right; although these days, I think that any Jew with a firing neuron is wise to the impossibility of longterm peace with that bunch.

For an action, a reaction - if the targetted entity has any survival-interest. Against the Tsar, the Young Turks purged the Armenians. Against Clinton, Milosevic tried to purge the Kosovars. And now the caliphate is exterminating the followers of the Peacock Angel. (We've already linked about the Jews.)

So I cannot condemn V.D. for making simple observations and for extrapolating thence. There are some points we could dispute with him - and I absolutely have done, when he assumes that Gazans are a people but that the Israelis are not.

This blog on the other hand has consistently held to a proposition, that ethnic-cleansing, even genocide and - more so - political oppression all depends on whether the targets deserve it. I don't happen to think that the Yazidis or the Near Eastern Christians deserve it. (Jews aside.)

I do think that Hamas and the caliph deserve it. They're upfront about their desire to raise the black banner over the White House.

So that brings us full-circle. Do we retract and hold our own minorities (including myself) in suspicion? or do we learn from our minorities and turn this dynamic against our enemies - and support our friends in the enemy camp?

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