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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weird nut posts something on Weird Nut Daily

OBAMA ADMIN REFUSES TO ADMIT HAMAS IS ISIS, says the Atlas Shrugs proprietor. We are all supposed to be outraged. h/t, I guess, to Robert Spencer. Well... Hamas and ISIS really aren't the same.

Let's concede that, within Islam, there can be crossover between sects. To invert a term from the once-Monothelete, now-Catholic Marûnûtâ: Hamas is at this point western-rite Shi`ism. They are in tight alliance with the Hizbullah and with Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood at large is following Hamas's lead. Elsewhere, the Ibadis in Oman have already thrown in with Iran and the Sunnis are split: all over what to do with the caliphate. Even al-Qaeda are afraid of ISIS. Worldwide, the Muslim ulama' are coming around to the same notion: Baghdadi may be Muslim, but he is not their Muslim.

There are several reasons to oppose Hamas, among which I simply take for granted the need to support Israel. But if we are going to support Israel, we need to do it right. Making silly analogies isn't doing it right. Any propagandum has failed if it is debunked.

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