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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Saudis are doomed

92% of [presumed Sunni] Arabians under the Saudis accept that the ISIS caliph is a Muslim. (h/t R Spencer again.)

[UPDATE 7:15 PM: I'd earlier wondered if the statistic excluded the Shi`ites along the Gulf. But then I read this quote from the article: This survey will target a specific segment in a particular time period, ranging between one and two months. It will be supervised by an academic to meet the required conditions. Based on this, I suspect the Shi`a wasn't consulted. But still,] I can't see pro-Saud academics and the Sauds themselves agreeing in their own demise. Amongst the average Sunni Arab, the Caliphate has got to be taking support close to unanimous down there.

All the caliph has to do is to neutralise the Assads in Syria. He has already forced the Kurds to rethink it all, and Iraq has collapsed on its own and this before we even bring up the Mosul Dam.

Baghdadi, then, is about done with the Fertile Crescent. He won't be able to do much in Turkey or Iran. But Arabia is, literally, just waiting for him.

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