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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The First Amendment protects the rude

So sayeth Volokh. Until, well, it doesn't. Here follow some of the slogans which the court took into consideration:

[Chavez] wore a t-shirt with the message, “Fear God” on the front and “Trust Jesus, Repent and Believe in Jesus” on the back. Fisher wore a t-shirt with the message, “Trust Jesus” on the front and “Fear God and Give Him Glory” on the back, and he carried a banner that said on one side, “Only Jesus Christ Can Save You From Sin and Hell,” and on the other side it said, “Jesus Is the Judge, Therefore, Repent, Be Converted That Your Sins May Be Blotted Out.” Other messages conveyed on t-shirts, signs, or banners displayed by the [other Bible Believers] included, among others, “Fear God,” “Trust Jesus, Repent and Believe in Jesus,” “Prepare to Meet Thy God – Amos 4:12,” “Obey God, Repent,” “Turn or Burn,” “Jesus Is the Way, the Truth and the Life. All Others Are Thieves and Robbers,” and “Islam Is A Religion of Blood and Murder.”

One could easily imagine an evangelical mission unto the Arab population. The missionaries could have offered trilingual messages in Syriac and Coptic as well as Arabic. Near Eastern Christianity after all boasts a history, a much more venerable history than we Brits can boast - Christian or pagan. Given that the first-named demonstrator was a Chavez even he might have gone to them as "Ibn al-Hafiz al-Andalusi". But really this crew needed more Syrians and Copts. Much many more.

I don't think that their anti-Islamic demonstration convinced anybody of anything. What we had there was an exercise in trollery. They wanted their day in court. Well - they got it.

Other models exist. The Chinese understand that "demonstrations" are threats of mob-violence. If you're for 'em, you're for anarchy. Especially if the message just amounts to ape-hooting.

If saying all this puts me on the side of evil, then... well, watch me not care. Wouldn't be the first time these past eleven years.

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