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Saturday, August 30, 2014


I'd earlier pointed to Baghdadi's Caliphate as having cut itself off from the Sunni Umma. It might be worth out time to explore some ways in which his regime sets itself out as purely Islamic, and not Sunni.

(Oh, the title. We Brits had a thing going on at the end of the 1970s called "post-punk"; in this context, one usually reads of Joy Division. You can kind-of see the lo-fi punk origins in some of Curtis's work, especially the early stuff. But anyway.)

First, Baghdadi wants to rid Mecca of the Black Stone. The Sunnis and Shia-sects would never do that; it's in the Hadith.

Also, Baghdadi effectively expelled the Christians from their territory. This is not a Sunni act; a Muslim jurist would set out terms of taxation, but to offer real protection in return.

And now we're hearing that even the boxthorn will not protect the Jews. In Sunnism, the gharqad is supposed to protect the Jews. Again, Baghdadi knows better than the hadith.

Ultimately, Baghdadi sees himself as the caliph, in line from `Abd al-Malik. The Sunna doesn't bind him; the Caliph of God binds the Sunna.

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