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Saturday, August 02, 2014 joins the Congress Party

So I got this in the email from one Neha Parikh (probably not this Neha Parikh):

Hopefully you've heard about a movement we recently launched- the Vacation Equality Project. It raises a glaring question: Why is the United States the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee paid vacation time for workers? In an independent poll, we found that a majority of Americans were unaware of this, and would be in favor of guaranteed paid vacation. So the Vacation Equality Project is our effort to drive awareness and change.

I understand this is a complex topic and there are multiple points of view. The freedom we have as Americans to debate ideas openly and civilly is a wonderful thing.

It's important that I share with you why I support this movement. I was convinced by studies that suggest paid vacation would lead to a healthier and more productive workforce, and by research that shows how the economy would benefit. I agree with the 83% of Americans who believe vacation brings families closer.

So please visit the Vacation Equality Project and, if you agree, sign our petition asking the White House to support the call for change.

Rent seekers gotta seek rent.

Hoteliers will be asked to grant this (state-) guaranteed paid vacation time too, of course... except that Neha Parikh won't be affected. She'll employ her cousins who won't need to ask for this time, and illegal aliens who won't dare ask.

I recommend to my dear readers that they boycott the bedbug farms known as "hotels" in this country. At least whilst these outfits're supporting self-serving regulations like this.

I did get special chuckles from that forced "Equality!" signalling though. I smell the sweet cologne of... desperation. Hoteliers know they're Chamber Of Commerce bitches, and they know they've no hope of survival absent direct Federal intervention. Ayn Rand the Prophet, once again.

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