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Monday, August 11, 2014

Death of a Gramscian

The Birdcage: Conservatives want to stop you from having a good time and from living your life. Homosexuals are just like us.

Dead Poets Society: Authority is limiting and deadening. Rebellion is life.

Good Morning Vietnam: The Viet Cong were the good guys. The only Viets supporting the southern government were whores. (The American troops were okay though... just misguided, mostly.)

Good Will Hunting: Howard Zinn! You like them apples?

After a certain point, you start wondering if there's a pattern...

Anyway, rest in peace, Robin Williams, for the sake of Aladdin at least. We can be grateful that Good Morning Vietnam didn't go as far as Casualties of War or Full Metal Jacket went (it was more like Platoon in spirit). And we are all agreed that depression is horrible.

Perhaps, with some of these hateful movies, the poor man was misled.

UPDATE: Here are some films which can at least be mined for Right messages: Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire.

UPDATE 8/12: Oh, Lauren Bacall? Have fun in Hades.

UPDATE 3/23/2018: okay, wrong about Jumanji.

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