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Monday, August 25, 2014

Baghdadi leaves Sunnism

It is often mooted around the blogosphere that Zawahiri and al-Qaeda have kicked Baghdadi from their ranks. I've done some cursory googling; expulsion doesn't quite fit what happened.

In one document, al-Qaeda's amir Zawahiri has more been assuming that he's the leader of the Jihad, and that Baghdadi is a rogue subordinate. Baghdadi, instead, understands himself as having rejected al-Qaeda.

The Islamic extremists of al-Qaeda are Sunnis. However extreme they are, they are proud to sit within the tradition of Hanbali fiqh. To paraphrase "Berserker" @ace last night: Baghdadi is the freebase version of Islam's coca-leaf.

Anyway, now, Baghdadi has gone on to fatwa the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas as apostates. Baghdadi is not willing to be a vessel of al-Azhar University - or of Sunnism at all as such. He sees himself as the caliph, in line from `Abd al-Malik. The Sunna doesn't bind him.

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