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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two armed female models

The righteous and good are inviting us to define the difference.

The American is backed by a flag with fifty stars on it. Now that the nation has its fifty, it is not going to go out and add more. It is in fact more likely the flag will lose stars in my lifetime. As for the holy book she's holding, this has nothing to do with the flag; as it happens the Constitution behind that flag expressly forbids religious tests for office.

The Gazan, on the other hand, is not in front of a Gazan flag. She stands in front of a green / white / black flag which promises that there is no other mode of thought than that of the Qur'an. This Gazan is not a Gazan patriot, not even a "Palestinian". She is a Muslim(a). UPDATE 3 PM: Read the map.

Gee, that was easy.

PS. to the hipsters at Know Your Meme who think they're so clever by mocking "both sides" - get bent.

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