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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tancredo speaks

Tom Tancredo: the good loser of Colorado. h/t Vic.

He blames himself for his loss (as he should, because his tally really wasn't that great), and endorses the winner Bob Beauprez (whose tally also wasn't a technical majority). He does this by way of distinguishing Beauprez from cheats like Cochran and sneaks like Cantor. He also doesn't namecheck Gardner - directly, or indirectly via Buck.

So I still won't be voting for Gardner. Beauprez, though, is worth a second look. As Tancredo points out and as we keep having to relearn, even an insufficient harrumph at the wrong time will get you tagged. Beauprez is tainted - which means he's got nowhere else to go but us.

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