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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Support Chris McDaniel

If you find election donations to be a waste of money and voting a waste of time, I don't blame you. Lately everyone who donated and voted for Chris McDaniel has been defrauded by a cynical end-run to non-Republicans who had often, in fact, already exercised their electoral rights as Democrats.

Take it away, Dr Spank at Ace:

Mississippi Dems admit Team Cochran wanted help stealing the election :
Report exposes Dems and Repubs who funded Cochran's racist hate campaign in MS :

So - how about making a contribution... that you know will matter?

The Clarion-Ledger has directed me to McDaniel's Election Challenge Fund. I put in fifty bucks. (I kind of had to.)

UPDATE: Here's why it matters: because, as of now, Cochran's "lead" has already shrunk from 7000 to 3000. And they weren't even allowed into all the stations, and they're only checking the crossovers. Say the challenge succeeds - we get a conservative into the Senate, and we detach some horns off the Republicans In Name Only caucus. It also will keep certain of the other races honest - like Maness and Ernst and, apparently, Wolf and Sasse. If the case loses we've at least kept the shenanigans in the spotlight for some crucial weeks.

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