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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Shabab's Anglophone mujahidun

Jihadwatch - Kenya: 29 dead.

The group responsible, al-Shabâb, despite its Arabic name started out as a Somali outfit. The lines of communication in this atrocity weren't carried out in Somali; they were in English, with some Arabic. The leader was described as "white".

So, these Somalis were a tight-knit group of Anglophone Somalis. We do find such men in higher echelons of Somali society. But they don't fight jihad under some random white guy. Alternately, we find them among immigrants / emigrants who pass through Anglophone cities. Look to a city with lots of Somalis who know each other.

And their White Wizard would be someone who didn't give a shit about Somalia, but did care something of Islam and did wish to speak a language his troops would understand. Maybe in the Congo the locals wouldn't know from a European and a South Asian. But this is East Africa. If the leader was a Pakistani they'd say so. And if the Kenyans thought the ringleader was speaking in any other accent but British, also, they'd say so.

I think we're dealing here with Minneapolis troops; English convert leader.

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