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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Senate Conservative Fund's stretch-goal

Very quickly, the McDaniel legal fund has already beat the original goal of $50k. The next-stage goal is, apparently, $75k. I don't know how much they exactly need anymore... which is now raising a small flag. Despite this, that little circle is all green which means, the circle is still based on the old goal.

This smells like overly-helpful software. The Senate Conservative Fund needs to fix that before someone thinks they're moving goalposts. Elsewhere they do have a list of endorsements for at least two good candidates, Rob Maness and Joni Ernst - Maness being probably the one in more need of help.

Interested conservatives will want to shift some dough the candidates' way directly instead of via the S.C.F. This until we get some answers about what's going on with that legal fund.

UPDATE 8:35 PM MST: They fixed the graph - it's now, yes, tagged to $75k. (Interesting to watch this in near real-time.) So they did intend to move the goal. I still don't know why. The money will be nice to have, it always is; but what would the extra money buy them?

UPDATE 7/6 3:23 PM: They're about to meet that $75k goal too and are now aiming at $100k. Er...

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