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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sandra and Woo

I was wondering why Jim The Sith Lord liked the webcomic Sandra and Woo.

I'd found this comic some years ago, and thought its artistry was at least worth hitting the "back" button to check it out from the start. But I quit early on. The anti-hunting nonsense was there, which culminated of course in the white "8 Mile Road" (you can put 'em all in whiteface, but we know you're still being racist dude). And then we had the global-warming stuff (which is where I dropped off). If all that hadn't driven me away, this cowardly removal of comments sure would have - apparently the author's smug, witless Bismarckism on healthcare had attracted "trolls".

But then I saw this.

Well, as Jim points out, you better catch S & W whilst you can. Because its authors are Nice People, who want to be politically-incorrect enough to salvage their audience but not so politically-incorrect that the Upworthy swarms will descend upon them. This is, says Jim, what did for Sinfest.

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