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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reason's networks discovered

Mark Ames, who like Matt Taibbi is considered insane, has lobbed some stink bombs about the libertarian movement of the 1970s. A few days back he pointed out that Reason magazine ran a special on revisionism, most prominently Holocaust denial.

I suppose in the back of my mind, I always have wondered how come Ron Paul the libertarian hero is so heavily involved in Nazi and antisemitic circles. Ditto Lew Rockwell.

The "racism" in libertarian circles, I understand. National Review when it started out had some of that going on too, at least provisionally: in the South... the White community is so entitled [to keep Blacks from voting] because, for the time being, it is the advanced race. The libertarians had good cause for a debate within the circle about whether apartheid in South Africa - say - was libertarian, itself. In the 1970s Reason was as good a magazine to host this debate as was any other.

Holocaust revisionism, on the other hand, did not and could not and can not end in a blueprint for a libertarian political system. This is a debate about reality; and the facts have consistently demonstrated (unfortunately) a reality in which millions of Jews and millions more others were murdered. Libertarians could have a debate about whether the Holocaust was justified, and whether societies without Jews have more freedom than societies with. I'll take them seriously, despite and/or because of my background. I've noted some arguments here on at least the "justification" front, and tried to rebut them. But - Ames has shown - that's not the debate that Reason had.

Gillespie can squirt all the squid-ink he wants. The fact remains: this "revisionist issue" had James Martin, Percy Greaves and Gary North on the freakin' masthead. Forgive, please, the feebleminded reader for imagining that these three were somehow being flagged as the authors of the more important essays in the issue (and, in Greaves' case, the more important tracts advertised therein). And forgive some of the rest of us for suspecting that other libertarians at the time were taking their cues from these men.

The Reasonoids have been coasting too long on their public front, that they are the nice Right who aren't like those icky Christianists and authoritarians. Well done, Mr Ames, for making them squirm.

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