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Thursday, July 03, 2014

D'Souza: propagandist for the Lincoln League

I bought tickets to 2016 and saw it and approved it. (I should buy that classic and watch it again, so that I can say more about it - but that's not the subject of this post here.) Lately the director Dinesh D'Souza has another documentary out, America. It is not like to do the same business as did the former one.

On a personal level, I am not unlike D'Souza and Obama. I too am a transplanted foreigner of British culture, who came to America by way of an Oriental and/or fringe-African culture. We can also here cite Naipaul, Ibn Warraq and even Rushdie. Because of my background 2016 spoke to me, like few documentaries do. And even where 2016 couldn't, I saw where it had Obama's number. But that was different.

I don't think his new effort is going to work. Part of that is because of the reviews, sure... and the reviewers do trend Left. Look at how they all rally behind that stupid movie "Snowpiercer" (which no American is watching). There could be another reason: a case of the falling camel attracting knives.

For D'Souza's new camel sports a severe limp. Our director can talk about the ex-colonial experience but he doesn't, still, truly, understand the "United" States. He still thinks that the Declaration of Independence was something other than a pack of lies to rally a mob. He still doesn't understand that the Confederacy had its own reasons - good reasons - for rebelling against a Lincolnist coup.

This is because D'Souza is an Indian and he sees the Indian state as a parallel to Lincoln's Republican Union. Gandhi is his Washington; the Pakistan is his Confederacy. What D'Souza is not, is an American. So when he discusses American history, he really can't speak to the American experience. People like D'Souza should (try to) approach America as I (try to) approach Islam - and America: with dispassion.

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