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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Building worlds

My IQ is almost certainly not as high as Nick Land's. This means I rarely understand what's he's going on about, especially when he's talking futurism. Still, I did - I think - understand his conclusion here: Our species is about to start building worlds. If we don’t take that seriously, our seriousness is very much in question.

These new virtual worlds will matter to the extent that well-respected people accept that the worlds are true. Or at least that this or that world be more true than is the world which our teachers have been assuring us is true - the world of Progress.

I somewhat made the point in House of War that, as of AD 600, the Jewish and Christian storytellers had already built a world. They had agreed upon a common history in which, to give one instance, some dude called Noah rescued this whole planet on board an ark. Well, okay, maybe that's not fair. That's just the Bible. How about the stories of Solomon binding up demons, or Jesus giving life to clay pigeons? If you want to read what this shared-world looked like as of AD 800, read Gordon Newby's The Making of the Last Prophet. Trust me, it looks very different from what you've been learning from history books.

Between AD 600 and 800, some rather important events occurred in that general location. And a new doctrine was accepted there, which made more sense of the shared-world of the Near East than did the mere secular logic of the Hellenes.

So, back to today. What rough beast slouches . . .

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