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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Royal succession

Another abdication. h/t Rodan. But where royals let their mantles drop, this brings to mind where a royal should pick one up.

In England, the heir-apparent has been heir-apparent all my (longish) life. And I doubt that the heir will ever succeed to his inheritance; I would, in this UKIP age, wager even money for a third Jacobite restoration. Charles was always the Fredo of the family. He's never been as fond of England as he is of the "international community" - which is understandable, given that he is not English himself. Rootless cosmopolitans always tend to cosmopolitan ideals. Believe me: I know.

A man's strength is expressed in the women he chooses. A strong man would never have bothered with that insecure ditz Diana or whatever-her-name-is that he cheated on her with. A union with a woman of York blood, I think, would have sent the message that here was a king again.

Either way, Charles should have just taken the crown from his mother in the 1980s -- that’s what strong men do. The Tories were in charge; if they’d thought Charles was worthy, they’d have let him. Charles wasn't worthy though. And he still isn't.

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