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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


This is what Google tells me:

  • United States - 70
  • 'Saudi' Arabia - 13
  • Ukraine - 7
  • France - 4
  • Malaysia - 3
  • China - 2
  • Germany - 2
  • Sweden - 2
  • South Africa - 2
  • Australia (etc) - 1
  • I happen to reside in the US currently, and I post in English, so, that top entry is obvious. I am also a follower of tianming; this attracts the dark-enlightenment expats and Anglophones over in the Middle Kingdom. There've been some comments I've posted here and there which will explain whatever Boer visitors I get (Welkom!). I've never made secret of the Khazar contribution to my DNA, which has included a sojourn in the Bloodlands, and I never could stomach Polonium Boy so: to the Kievans, ласкаво просимо. (I always wanted to visit Берестя.)

    I remain a little surprised the Krauts are still here. I was hellbent on translating Noeldeke and Frank-Kamenetzky... last winter. But I've since dusted off my hands and moved on. On the grasping hand, if certain genealogists working on my family tree are right, my last name might actually be "Rauser"...

    To the Arabians (whom I won't insult by calling Saudis) and to the Malays: marhaba.

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